For the First Time Ever, Cannabis Oil Will Be Used in a Hospital — To Save a 2-Month Old Baby Girl

Baby Cannabis

A 2-month old baby girl is making history in a Colorado hospital, becoming the youngest child to ever receive treatment with Cannabis. Aurora, CO — In December, Nicole and Ernie Nunez brought their beautiful baby girl, Amylea, into the world. However, when they brought her home, things quickly took a turn for the worst. “About […]

Protect & Serve: Goldstein Fights to End the War on Drugs

Former law enforcement officer now works to promote cannabis legalization. Diane Goldstein sits on the board of directors of Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), a non-profit made up of current, and former, law enforcement officers (LEOs) who now oppose the drug war. While these judges, prosecutors, cops and all manner of LEOs once protected and […]

Netflix is Developing Strains of Weed Based on 10 of its Original Series

In a 21st-century analogue to the early 20th century practice of movie studios buying up movie theaters so they could profit from every facet of the moviegoing experience, Netflix is developing strains of cannabis (that’s legal weed for “weed”) named after some of its most popular shows. Due to buzzkill federal law, the strains won’t be […]